Julio Parra Martinez
UCLA Physics & Astronomy,
475 Portola Plaza,
Los Angeles, CA 90095,
United States

Office: PAB 4-737



Extremal black hole scattering at O(G^3)
Universality in the classical limit of massless gravitational scattering
Topological superconductors on superstring worldsheets
Non-renormalization and operator mixing via on-shell methods
Logarithmic forms and differential equations for Feynman integrals
Gravity integrands from the ultraviolet
GSO projections via SPT phases
Two-loop n-point anomalous amplitudes in N=4 supergravity
Bootstrapping two-loop Feynman integrals for planar N=4 sYM
Ultraviolet properties of N=8 supergravity at five loops
Cancelling the U(1) anomaly in the S-matrix of N=4 supergravity
Curvature-squared multiplets, evanescent effects and the U(1) anomaly in N=4 supergravity
Manifesting enhanced cancellations in supergravity: integrands versus integrals

Upcoming Talks


05/2020: LoopFest XIX, University of Pittsburgh , Cancelled because of COVID-19
05/2020: Amplitudes 2020, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
02/2020: TEP Seminar, UCLA
12/2019: “QCD Meets Gravity” Workshop, UCLA
11/2019: Amplitudes Group Meeting, Brown University
10/2019: From Scattering to Expansion, Northwestern University
09/2019: Condensed Matter/Math Math Seminar, CMSA Harvard
09/2019: EEP Theory Seminar, SLAC
08/2019: Off-term Theory Seminar, ETH Zurich
06/2019: IGC@25: Multimessenger Universe, ICG Penn State
06/2019: “California Amplitudes Meeting”, QMAP UC Davis
04/2019: Brown Bag Seminar, LCTP UM Ann Arbor
11/2018: Fields and Strings Seminar, QMAP UC Davis
06/2018: “Amplitudes Summer School”, Gong Show, QMAP UC Davis
04/2018: “California Amplitudes Meeting”, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
12/2017: “QCD Meets Gravity” Workshop, UCLA
07/2017: String Theory Seminar, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (AEI)
06/2016: “California Amplitudes Meeting”, QMAP UC Davis